about_2Looking for a company who can provide you with all of your market research needs? You have found the right place! If you need help with focus group qualitative research, 1-on-1 interviews, mock juries, and all other research needs – then call FMS.

Not only do we recruit in Little Rock, Arkansas and statewide; we also recruit nationwide. Your research can be conducted at ShareView Research. which is a full-service focus group facility. We also conduct off-site research almost anywhere in Arkansas. FMS will provide you with the utmost in customer service from the beginning to the completion of your project.

Anne Smith

Anne received her Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Illinois University in the field of Consumer Affairs which encompasses a business and management curriculum with a minor in management. She has prior experience in the travel industry and spent ten years as an administrative assistant for the customer service department in a small corporation. Anne joined Lou Smith in her business in May of 2006 and became a owner of the business in January 2008.