Our Setup

Shareview Research BuildingThe setup of ShareView Research is ideal for keeping respondents separated from our clients, yet still allowing clients to observe respondents. Respondents and clients enter through separate, private doors, and the respondent waiting areas are completely separated from the client areas except for the one-way soundproof mirror between the focus room and viewing room.

Focus Rooms

We offer 2 focus rooms. One room is equipped with a one-way mirror that adjoins to the client lounge. This room can comfortably seat 12 for a discussion group or up to 30 classroom style to accommodate your needs. Our other focus room can be viewed via closed-circuit television monitor as well as recorded.

Viewing Room

Our two-tiered viewing room comfortably seats up to 12 and has ample electrical outlets for laptops and a mini-refrigerator.


Our entire facility is Wi-Fi accessible and we are FocusVision capable. We have fixed camera videotaping, closed-circuit TV, and recording capabilities for DVD, CD, and digital audio. We have a color copying machine available for use.

Food & Hotel

We offer a full kitchen, catering services, and our client menu is provided by well-known Little Rock area restaurateurs. Our facility is located near several hotels, You can see a list of nearby hotels in the ‘About Us’ section of this website.